The surreal reality of the US in 2018.

Ever since the November 2016 election, reality has turned into something so unreal and undeniably dark.  Truths can be flipped around like pancakes based on subjectivity and alternative facts.  How the US ended up voting for Trump to be in office is just mind-blowing.

I hate Trump and everything that he stands for: his crooniness, his blatant ignorance of humanity and the most basic compassion, and his denial of climate change, his pompous ass hair, his grandstanding stunts while accusing others of doing the same.

Everything wrong and dark of a typical ignorant American comes out and manifests into the zero-sum world that festered into the Trump Administration.

And the Republicans suddenly found themselves without a spine.  Only a few ones who have chosen to seek reelection dare to speak out.

With so many dark things happening daily, no wonder why we see a lot more school shootings and people committing gun violence.  When right becomes wrong, when moral values suddenly got challenged, when being a white-supremacist is ok, and when lies being told loudly drowned out the ignored truths, one can easily lose sense of reality.

We are all human beings, putting on earth for a measly 80 or so years.  We are doing out best to poison the environment and exploit all possible resources with machines and explosives. Yet this very earth has been nurturing all millions of animals for millions of years, and we are just one of them.

I feel very sad and following the news every day really makes me disappointed with what is going on.  But I guess that’s the price to pay for democracy and free speech.  When the bad guys have equal rights to speak and they take advantage of that to tell lies and to distort the truths, the good voices got attacked and wounded.  The bad guys like Trump don’t choose to play by the rules, telling lies and committing scandals after scandals, while all the conventional Democrats or progressive politicians are so all worried about the consequences of their words and actions.

It’s a battle against a pack of crazy, greedy, and vicious wolves. And it feels like every day the good side is losing a little more.  Every day that Trump doesn’t get impeached is a day that it will be harder to change this ugly reality.

I still hope one day soon, the first news of the day I read, is that Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation is able to indict Trump and all his surrounding swampy creatures.

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