Taco Bell Programming

I just read a really interesting article that 100% vibes with me titled “Taco Bell Programming.“.  Taco Bell has just roughly 8 ingredients for and yet they pulled in 1.9B.

Coding should be kept to a minimal.  It’s easy to over-design a system and make it way more complex than what it is.

“Functionality is an asset, but code is a liability”.

After having written a few hundred thousand lines of code, I can wholeheartedly agree. The best and bug-free code is the code that hasn’t been written.

The more code there is and the more components in the system, the more liabilities and maintenance will be required in the future, plus the hidden cost of increasing complexity.

You can be a boss with your data processing using built-in Linux components like xargs, awk, and sed.

Before you dive in and spend days and weeks of programming, spend 5 minutes to think about different angles and how else you can design the application.  And even before that, make sure you understand the requirements and the business problems you’re solving.  It may save you a lot of time and wasted efforts.



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