A New Journey.

It’s been a very long time since the last time I wrote something.  I let the original alexle.net went down and the hosting account expired, and it’s been a wild ride for the past couple years.  But deep inside, I’ve always been wanting to get back in writing.  This year, one of my new year resolutions is to write more, and thus it’s time to resurrect, or rather, start my blogging journey again.

Many thanks to WPEngine for hosting this blog so that I don’t have to worry about hosting, upgrading, maintaining, security-patching.  My focus now is to get back into writing, and thus I want to start with the option with the least amount of friction.

Here to a new journey.  I’m on my way to check off one of my new year resolutions.


2018 New Year Resolution

1. Be more focused and productive. Execution, Execution, Execution.
2. Be healthier. Maintain a consistent workout routine.
3. Be a leader who inspires and motivates others through actions and kindness.
4. Be a creator: write more, create more, learn more, explore more.
5. Grow the network: Connect with more people and mentors.
6. Read more books, not just fictions.
7. Learn more about electronics with Arduino: Build a cool Arduino gadget.
8. Launch an ICO.
9. Invest more: crypto, stocks, etc.
10. Improve Spanish: read more Spanish and be able to have a meaningful conversation in Spanish.
11. Learn about basic Accounting.
DONE 12. Restart blogging.


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